2022 London and UK local election results LIVE: Boris Johnson admits ‘tough night’ as Tories lose nearly 500 council seats


The Prime Minister admitted local elections had been ‘tough’ as ​​the Tories lost 481 council seats in England and saw the London strongholds of Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet fall to Labour.

The Prime Minister said he took full responsibility for the outcome as Sir Keir Starmer’s party prevailed in a range of areas long held by the Tories in the capital.

But the Tories managed to capture Labor’s Harrow – who suffered a heavy blow when Lutfur Rahman dramatically won the race for mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Reacting to the results during a visit to a school in his Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, Mr Johnson told reporters: “It’s halfway through. It’s certainly a mixed set of results.

“We had a rough night in some parts of the country, but on the other hand, in other parts of the country, you still see conservatives stepping forward and making some pretty remarkable gains in places that don’t. have not voted Conservative for a long time, if ever. .”

Wandsworth had been a Tory stronghold for 44 years and was considered the party’s ‘crown jewel’, while Barnet and Westminster had never been held by Labour. London Mayor Sadiq Khan hailed Wandsworth’s victory as a “historic and joyous night for Labour”.

However, as Sir Keir Starmer’s party gained ground in the capital, the picture was mixed elsewhere with the loss of Hull to the Liberal Democrats but success in the new authority of Cumberland.

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Final results in Wales

In line with their overall performance, the Conservatives lost 86 (111) seats in Wales and one council.

Labor won 66 (526) seats including a council proper.

Overall, Plaid Cymru won three councils to four but lost six seats. The Lib Dems won 10 seats, taking their share to 69.


Former DUP leader Edwin Poots elected in Belfast South

Former DUP leader Edwin Poots won a seat in Belfast South.

The five members of the assembly are:

Deirdre Hargey (Sinn Fein)

Edwin Poots (DUP)

Matthew O’Toole (SDLP)

Paula Bradshaw (Alliance)

Kate Nicholl (Alliance)


The Alliance candidate is the first to be elected today

Paula Bradshaw of the Alliance Party was elected in Belfast South.

Today, she becomes the first person elected.


Wes Streeting hits out at ‘desperate’ Tories as he defends Sir Keir over Covid inquiry

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting has called the Tories ‘desperate’ for accusing Sir Keir Starmer of breaking lockdown rules.

Durham Police announced on Friday that an investigation into allegations that Sir Keir broke Covid rules during last year’s lockdown had been launched.

Asked if Sir Keir would have to resign if he was fined for breaking the rules, Mr Streeting told Sky News: ‘I really don’t think it’s going to come to this because the police have already considered the issue. I see no reason why they would draw any other conclusions than they did the last time they were asked to review this.

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Counting resumes in Northern Ireland

The count has resumed in Northern Ireland where Sinn Feinn are set to become Stormont’s biggest party.

Speaking on Friday, party chair Mary Lou McDonald said: “Today is a good day — it’s about change, progress and partnership.

“We want to thank everyone for voting and being part of a democratic process in what we believe is the election of a generation. We are here to serve everyone.


Wes Streeting: Labor has made huge strides

Labour’s shadow health secretary hailed his party’s local electoral performance but warned the opposition would not become a “complacency”.

Speaking to Sky News on Labour’s electoral gains, he said: ‘This is remarkable progress with two years of Keir Starmer leading Labour,’ he said.

“Of course there’s more to do. We don’t mean to sound the least bit complacent about it, but I think that’s what Keir’s next period of leadership in the game is all about. ‘opposition.

“It’s about building on the progress that has been made and turning the hostilities against the Conservatives into government, a desire to see them out of government, which I think these results show, in a hunger, an appetite for a Labor government.


Boris Johnson remains an asset, says Nadhim Zahawi

Boris Johnson remains an electoral asset for the Conservative Party, a Cabinet minister has insisted, despite the Tories suffering a net loss of almost 400 seats in local elections.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi has urged Tory MPs not to act against the prime minister.

He told Sky News: “He’s an asset, absolutely… If you look at the way Boris travels through places like Nuneaton, places like Newcastle-under-Lyme, other parts of the country as well – Harrow to London.”

In a message to fellow Tories, he said: “People don’t like to vote for split parties, for split teams.

“We are stronger when we are united, we have a Queen’s Speech next week where we will demonstrate to the nation that the second half of this Parliament is about fixing the economy, recovering from Covid, the backlog of the NHS and national security – here at home, safer streets – and, of course, abroad.

“We have a plan for all of these things.

“We are stronger when we are united and that would be my message to all my colleagues.”


Sinn Fein prepare for historic victory

Sinn Feinn have won 18 seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly so far and the count is set to resume later today.

The DUP won 12 seats and 44 remain to be declared.

The Alliance party won eight, the Ulster Unionist Party four and the Social Democratic and Labor Party two.


The Conservatives lose more than 467 seats

The Conservative Party has now lost 467 council seats and there are only two councils left in England to declare their results.

Labor won 129 seats, the Liberal Democrats 222 and the Greens a further 76.


Sinn Fein on course for historic victory in National Assembly elections

Sinn Fein are on course for a historic victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections, having received the most first-preference votes.

With Stormont’s tally of 90 seats continuing, the Republican Party had won 16 seats, well ahead of the Alliance in seven, the DUP in six, the Ulster Unionists in three and the SDLP in one.

Sinn Fein looks set to emerge with the most seats after receiving 250,388 first preferences, compared to 184,002 for the DUP and 116,681 for the Alliance Party.

This means he received 29% of first preference votes, compared to 21.3% for the DUP, 13.5% for Alliance, 11.2% for Ulster Unionists and 9.1% for SDLP.

Naomi Long’s Alliance party appears to be the other big winner in the election, with renewed support for the cross-community party likely to make it the third largest in Stormont, ahead of the UUP and SDLP, who all have both had disappointing results.

However, the counting process was slow, with just over a third of the 90 seats taken shortly before 10 p.m. Friday.

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