16 hay fever tweets to make you (and your puffy face) feel a little less shitty

We see you filling up the paddling pool, dusting off the barbie, and battling for the last piña colada tinnie in M&S, but we won’t join in your shenanigans.

Because for hay fever sufferers in the UK, a heat wave means itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, headaches, fatigue and hiding indoors until everything be finished. (Or pop antihistamines like Tic Tacs to join in the fun, but moan all day. Anyway.)

The Met Office pollen forecast is red across most of the country this week, with “very high” levels of pollen (and suffering) expected.

Sunny, cloudless skies allow plants and trees to produce more pollen, and a lack of rain contributes to a high concentration in the air, which is simply delicious.

This leads us all to ask ourselves an important question:

As anyone with hay fever knows, the only good thing about this dastardly allergy is having the excuse to be melodramatic.

So, to make you and your sorry ass feel momentarily better, we scoured the internet for the best hay fever memes and tweets of the week.

Enjoy your 30 seconds of happiness.

Well, at least we’re together…

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